George H.W. Bush and Brad Paisley celebrate St. Patricks Day together
© Brad Paisley/Twitter

Award-winning country music artist Brad Paisley celebrated St. Patrick's Day with former President George H.W. Bush on Saturday. 

The top-selling singer and songwriter thanked the 41st president for his service to the country and military in a photo shared on Twitter, and complimented his choice in Irish shamrock socks for the holiday.

"Thank you for lunch today @GeorgeHWBush, for your friendship, and service to our country’s govt., military, also it’s intelligence community. And you got #sockgame goin on," Paisley tweeted.

Paisley has performed for multiple presidents and has shared a friendship with the 93-year-old president for several years. In 2011, Paisley performed at an event at the Kennedy Center in Washington attended by former presidents honoring Bush's legacy.