Liberal filmmaker and activist Michael Moore on Friday visited the Michigan Capitol to spray “Flint water” at GOP Gov. Rick Snyder's office.

Moore, who is from a suburb of Flint, Mich., arrived at the building with a tanker truck that read “Flint Water” on the side, according to the The Detroit News.

The truck sprayed water at the building, and Moore raised a glass, saying “Governor Snyder, drink the water.”

Moore and his crew declined to say what the film shoot was for.

Michigan officials announced earlier this month that they would no longer provide free bottled water to Flint residents on the basis that the water, which once carried toxic amounts of lead, was determined safe to drink.


But Flint officials, including Mayor Karen Weaver, said that the city does not trust the government’s ability to ensure the water is safe, and criticized the state for ending the bottled water distribution program. 

Snyder was in Europe for a trade mission during Moore’s stunt, the paper reported.

The filmmaker has spoken out against the state’s handling of the lead poisoning crisis in his hometown.