Employee sues Kennedy Center for $1M over signed 'Hamilton' poster
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An employee sued the Kennedy Center on Monday for $1 million over a signed poster from the cast of "Hamilton," NBC News Washington reported.

Joseph Burgess, a building manager, alleges in the civil suit that he was treated unfairly by Kennedy Center officials for seeking and accepting one of the facility's "Hamilton" posters signed by the cast and crew. 

Burgess alleged another staffer gave him reason to believe he was permitted to collect the signed poster, according to NBC. He said it was common practice for staff to seek memorabilia from performers.


His lawsuit says a Kennedy Center official demanded the return of the poster. Burgess also alleges a Kennedy Center official accused him of theft in front of others and had sent an email earlier citing complaints against Burgess. 

The signed poster is allegedly in the office of a Kennedy Center executive according to the lawsuit.

The Kennedy Center did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the suit.

The hit musical will return for 14 weeks at the Kennedy Center in summer 2020.