Snapchat says Juneteenth filter inviting people to smile to break chains was 'mistake'
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Snapchat apologized for a new interactive face filter created for Juneteenth that called for users to "smile" to break chains that appear in the background, calling it a "mistake."

The filter became viral on Twitter following a post from digital strategist and journalist Mark S. Luckie, who tweeted a video of him using the filter, saying, "um...interesting."


The filter sported words across the screen that read "Juneteenth Freedom Day" and prompted users to "smile," which caused the chains in the background to break.

"Smile to break the chains? Okay then," he wrote, following the tweet with a meme of Will Smith asking, "Where are the black people?!"

Snapchat has since pulled the filter from its platform and released a statement about why it was removed, according to Buzzfeed.

The filter inspired backlash from other users, prompting Snapchat to issue an apology, saying the company "deeply apologize to the members of the Snapchat community who found this Lens offensive."

A spokesperson from Snapchat said the filter was designed by a "diverse" team of employees, adding that the filter going live was a mistake because it had "not been approved through our review process."

"We are investigating why this mistake occurred so that we can avoid it in the future," the spokesperson said.