George Clooney reveals contents of JFK's wallet
© Greg Nash

Former President Kennedy’s wallet isn’t stashed away in some museum somewhere, it’s apparently sitting in George Clooney’s house in California.

The “Gravity” star spilled out the contents of the unique piece of history for a wide-ranging profile in Esquire magazine’s December issue.

Clooney told the men’s mag that he received the money-holder, along with a posthumous letter from Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), from a friend of the famed political clan.


The 1946-era wallet sounds like a history lover’s dream. Esquire writes it contains, “ticket stubs to a Harvard–Yale game Bobby played in, the Saint Christopher’s medal Kennedy had probably carried in World War II, a postcard from the Statler Hilton, ‘a very scary greeting card signed Mary.’”

One of the most mysterious items according to the 52-year-old actor? An “empty matchbook from the Chowder Bowl, Palm Beach, which has lipstick blotted on it and I’m sure an interesting story behind it.”

Clooney also revealed he’s typically anti-iPhones when he has houseguests at his home, insisting everyone put them away during dinner. He explains, “And so there are not a lot of photos of our times there. Because I want us to live them.”

He once marveled to President Obama about the public’s seeming obsession with recording nearly every moment on smartphones.

The politically active entertainer recalled being at a Democratic fundraiser for Obama when a group of supporters wanted to meet the commander-in-chief.

“And the president and I are talking to them and they’re holding their smartphone cameras up like this. And I’m holding my hand out trying to shake their hand, and they’re like, ‘Smile,” says Clooney.

“And I said to the president, I said, ‘You know, the oddest thing about what’s happening right now is that we’ve stopped living our lives and we’re just recording them.’ ”