Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) is back to his old trick of sending dead fish.

Emanuel had anchovy-topped pizzas delivered to “The Daily Show’s” studios after host Jon Stewart maligned Chicago-style deep dish pies during Wednesday’s show.

Arguing New York pizza is far superior to the Windy City’s version, Stewart yelled with an exaggerated “New Yawhk” accent that deep-dish pizza is “an above-ground marinara swimming pool for rats.”


On Thursday the official Twitter account for Emanuel’s office tweeted its culinary comeback.


As evidenced in the tweet’s accompanying photo, the pizza included a handwritten note to Stewart seemingly from the former Illinois congressman that read, “Deep Dish With Dead Fish. Love, Rahm.”

It’s not the first time Emanuel, who served as a senior advisor to President Obama, has supposedly resorted to sending out fishy packages to his rivals.

A Democratic strategist once claimed that, in the late 1980s while working at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Emanuel and two staffers — upset with what he saw as flawed polling numbers — sent him a dead fish in a box along with a signed note.