Former Vice President Cheney, who suffered his first heart attack in 1978, says he is now more worried about his knee than his heart after receiving a heart transplant in 2012.

“From the standpoint of physical limitations, I don’t think there are any,” Cheney said Tuesday night. “I’ve got a bad knee, but that’s because I played too much football while I was in high school.” 


The 72-year-old ex-VP said his heart transplant is "nothing short of a miracle." He now enjoys fishing, shooting pheasant and riding an Exercycle, a kind of stationary exercise bike.

“I believed I’d reached the end of my days,” he added.

Joined by his longtime cardiologist and co-author Dr. Jonathan Reiner, Cheney spoke at the National Press Club to promote his new book, Heart: An American Medical Odyssey, which chronicles his 35-year battle with heart disease.

Cheney lamented the public nature of his daughters’ recent dispute over gay marriage. Liz Cheney, a Republican Senate candidate in Wyoming, was criticized by her lesbian sister, Mary, on Facebook for her stance on the issue.

“We’ve lived with this situation and dealt with it for many years,” said Cheney, who said he supports gay marriage. “It’s always been dealt with, but in the context of the family. And frankly that’s our preference, it’s the proper place to be.”

“I’ve gotten as far as I’m going to go on the subject,” he added, “Don’t waste your time.”