A defining moment in Megyn Kelly’s life: Her father’s death
© Wikimedia Commons

Megyn Kelly was only a sophomore in high school when her father died.

In a new profile of Kelly, Elle writes the Fox anchor “is haunted by death and mortality; she credits it with pushing her forward with the urge to wring everything out of the time she has.”


The host of “The Kelly File,” told the magazine: “It was nothing expected — not like he had been sick. He was fine. And then, 10 days before Christmas, he died of a heart attack in our house. I mean, the Christmas tree was there and everything.”

She added, “I remember he was loving and smart and funny, and always kind. Never had a temper — never. I remember him coming home from work and scooping me up and saying, ‘Hiya, Tiger’ every night.”

The article states that Kelly’s mother, Linda, has been her “greatest influence.”

Hours after her father died, Kelly asked her mother, “Will you ever be happy again?”

Linda, 44 at the time, knew their lives were forever changed. But she soothed her daughter, saying, “Of course I will, honey. And you will too.”