Wright: DC more corrupt than Hollywood
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Actress Robin Wright says there’s no doubt about it: Washington is more corrupt than Hollywood.

The “House of Cards” star, who is featured on this month’s cover of Capitol File, didn’t mince her words to the magazine.


Asked whether the show’s plot lines, including reporters sleeping with sources, are factual, Wright responded, “Oh yeah … D.C. is more corrupt than Hollywood. It really is. It’s more sleazy than Hollywood … how much infidelity goes on.”

Wright told us earlier this month that there are many similarities between Tinseltown and the nation’s capital. She said politics is great theater and everything about it is “transactional.”

Wright, who has had long hair much of her life, told Capitol File she likes the “short hair gal” look of her character, Claire Underwood, in the Netflix show.

“I can’t imagine having long hair anymore; it’s weird,” Wright told the magazine.