Answer these questions: CNN’s Michelle Kosinski

Michelle Kosinski is CNN’s new White House correspondent, joining the network earlier this month.

The Emmy Award-winning journalist previously worked for NBC News and has reported on a variety of domestic and international stories, including election-year politics, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and unrest in Afghanistan.


We turned the tables on Kosinski and asked her some questions.

Born in:  Willingboro, N.J., a suburb of Philadelphia

Grew up in:  Cinnaminson, N.J., yet another suburb of Philadelphia

College attended:  Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism; Medill Graduate School of Journalism

What did you want to be when you were a kid?  Different things at different times, but they all tended to involve crafting a “performance” — ballet, theater, TV journalism ... Pretty distressing, to two scientist parents.

Favorite hobby/activity: Killer ballet class; obscure films; good conversation

How do you unwind after a long day at work?: Reading and preparing for the next long day at work — I’ve been on the job a week!  Also, endlessly searching for a pen can really clear the mind.

What you’re reading:  Other than a background email deluge of biblical proportions, have been staring at a stack of books on Washington, politics and the president. This Town, by Mark Leibovich, has been recommended to me as the first one to crack.  Soon, soon.

Best political movie: “Gnarr.”  Great Icelandic documentary.  American ones, sadly, I have somewhat avoided. Time to get a shiny new stack of those to stare at as well.

What you like and dislike about D.C.:  Like:  The strong yet graceful architectural array. It looks like no other city. Majestic. Inspiring. Packed with smarties.  Dislike:  Trying to find my way driving around all that graceful majesty. Confounding.

A household chore that you can’t stand: Everything but vacuuming. Strangely satisfying.

Favorite saying/life philosophy:  Saying: “Slow and steady wins the race.” Not very exciting, but frequently true outside the day-to-day rush. Philosophy:  Maximize the gifts you have. Go for it, without fear.

Something that few know about you: Well now that would just ruin the mystery.