"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson says he wants to take President Obama duck hunting. 

“I’d like to get him out there with some camouflage and a gun, and we could sit out there and talk,” Robertson said on conservative host Laura Ingraham’s radio show Tuesday.

Ingraham had asked Robertson, who has previously endorsed Republican candidates, to choose a Democrat with whom he would want to go duck hunting.

“I don’t shy away from people I disagree with,” Robertson said. “I want to know why they think what they do and see if you can move to change their thinking in some ways. And I’m open myself.”


Robertson said he’s already met Obama a few times, including running into the president at the State of the Union address in January. The reality star attended as a guest of Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.).

The feeling appears to be mutual. In December, Obama was asked in an interview with People magazine who he’d rather spend the day with — Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, or the “Duck Dynasty” clan.

“The Duck Dynasty family seems like a pretty fun bunch, so I can see how that would be pretty fun,” Obama said.

Earlier that week, Robertson’s father, Phil Robertson, was suspended from the A&E show after making anti-gay and racial remarks in an interview with GQ magazine. 

He said homosexuality is a sin and African-Americans were happier living under Jim Crow laws.

A&E eventually reinstated Robertson to the show, which first began airing in 2012.