Chris Wallace, a trash talker who has a ‘bromance’ with George Clooney
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Weekends aren’t the time for relaxation if you’re Chris Wallace. Since the veteran journalist anchors “Fox News Sunday” on the day that many folks have off from work, Mondays are his time for a little R&R. That’s likely when you’ll eye Wallace, who’s marking his 50th anniversary in the industry this year, catching a flick at the movie theater with Sno-Caps-infused popcorn in hand.

There’s a lot even those close to the 66-year-old Emmy Award winner — whose show recently bested NBC’s “Meet the Press” in the D.C. market in total viewers for the first time in seven years — might not know. Among the lesser-known Wallace facts: He has a “bromance” crush on George Clooney; he’s becoming a country music fan, and he loves some good, ole-fashioned trash talking.


We learned all that and more when we asked Wallace to answer a few questions.

Grew up in: Chicago and New York City

College attended: Harvard

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A jet pilot.

Favorite hobby/activity: It was hanging out with our wonderful yellow Lab Winston, until he passed a year and a half ago.

After work, you’ll find me: At home with my wife Lorraine.

Favorite food/drink: Soup and chicken and whatever else Lorraine makes for me as she wraps up her third cookbook.

Most embarrassing moment/Most memorable moment: I got to spend a week in Calcutta with Mother Teresa in 1979 just after she won the Nobel Peace Prize. Whether you are religious or not, there was a spiritual power about her I have not encountered before or since.

Favorite band/music: The Beatles. But in recent years, I have developed a real taste for country music.

I’m happiest when: I am doing anything with Lorraine. We can be chatting, or watching junk television, or reading alongside each other, and it’s all good.

What you like/dislike about D.C.: I don’t like the way people keep score — of who’s up and down, who’s gaining power and who’s losing it. Having lived in D.C. for 35 years, I treasure friends who are there in good times and bad.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Since I work on Sundays, I usually have Mondays off. I love to go to the movies by myself on Monday afternoons and mix some Sno-Caps in with popcorn — and lose myself watching a good (or sometimes bad) film.

My celebrity crush is: Jennifer Lawrence (and on the bromance side — George Clooney).

Most hated household chore: I’m at the stage of my life where if I really hate it, I just don’t do it.

Something that few know about you: I love trash talking with my kids and friends. The more off-color, the better.