Former Rep. Anthony Weiner is reportedly trading politics for pucks, taking a gig as a hockey columnist.

The disgraced New York Democrat, who resigned from office in 2011 following a sexting scandal, will blog for Business Insider about the Stanley Cup playoffs, according to BuzzFeed.


“I want to prove I can write about right wingers without insulting anybody,” the ex-New York mayoral candidate told the site.

Weiner currently writes a monthly political column for Business Insider. His first hockey piece is scheduled to run Saturday.

The former lawmaker is an avid hockey fan, though some publications have criticized his skills on the ice in the past. The New York Daily News wrote that during a 2013 recreational league game, Weiner, playing goalie, “allow[ed] four picks to fly past him” and “look[ed] shaky.”

He also played in the annual Congressional Hockey Challenge fundraiser while in the House.

During a Democratic mayoral debate last year, a moderator asked Weiner to tell voters something about himself that they didn’t already know. “After midnight on Monday nights I play ice hockey,” he reportedly replied. “I’m probably the only 130-pound Jewish kid in the city that does that.”