Fox Business reporter: A former SNL intern who knows his tunes
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Just because he talks money doesn’t mean Rich Edson can’t bring the funny. The Fox Business Network’s Washington correspondent knows how to get some laughs.

Before landing his current gig in 2007, the New Jersey native was a college intern at NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” While his day job has him focused on the economy — he was the first to report details of the 2011 debt-ceiling deal — at night you might catch him moonlighting as a comic. In 2010, he won the annual D.C.’s Funniest Journalist standup comedy competition.


We wanted to know more about the 32-year-old avid runner, who says he’d tear it up on the now-defunct game show “Name That Tune,” so we asked him these questions.

Grew up in: Dumont, N.J.

College attended: Rutgers/Columbia

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Washington correspondent for the Fox Business Network

Favorite hobby/activity: Running

After work, you’ll find me: Running the Mall, Rock Creek Park or the Capital Crescent Trail or in a hideous pool of sweat stretching near my apartment.

Most embarrassing moment: There’s probably a live shot or two that have been erased from my internal hard drive. The government threw it away so we’ll never know.

Most memorable moment: Flying around the world with the Treasury secretary during the European debt crisis.

Best advice you’ve ever been given: Live in the present. 

Worst advice you’ve ever been given: “Why don’t you go to law school?”

What do you like about D.C.? Height restriction, outdoor trails, its abundance of news.  

What do you dislike about D.C.? [Directs ITK to a website on Washington’s weather].

I have a fear of: “Fear is the enemy of logic. The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything” (Frank Sinatra, h/t Google).

Best pickup line: Whatever a friend says on my behalf.

Most hated household chore: Cleaning VCR tape heads.

Living person I most want to interview is: Don’t overthink this one. It’s the president.

Something that few know about you: I could probably win “Name That Tune.” Sadly, it’s been off the air since ’85 (h/t Wikipedia).