Picking this year’s 50 Most Beautiful is no simple task … so many beautiful people, and only 50 to choose!

The Hill staff recently whittled down our crop of gorgeous guys and gals, voting on which 50 Most Beautiful nominees made the cut and will be included on this year’s list.


And now, ITK proudly presents, some of the best anonymous quotes from The Hill staff from that beauty-choosing voting session.

“We don’t want any Eagle Scouts.”

“This girl has good hair. I’ll vote for her.”

“Beauty doesn’t mean picking hipster doofuses.”

“This guy should’ve made the ‘House of Cards’ casting.”

“What’s up with people not smiling?”

“She looks cute. I think I’d be friends with her.”

“Some of these guys are so D.C.-looking.”

“Holy chunky necklace!”

“Y’all got some really good-looking people. I feel a little awkward.”

“She looks like she’d make a great mother.”

Bask in the beauty of Capitol Hill yourself … The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful issue comes out on Tuesday, July 29!