Hunter Biden's cooking class: Chickpea sliders
© Vivian Hughbanks

Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, might not be a whiz in the kitchen. But at an intimate gathering Wednesday on the rooftop of Cava Mezze in Washington's Eastern Market neighborhood, Cava chef Dimitri Moshovitis showed the chairman of the World Food Program (WFP) USA some new tricks.


"Hunter's going to be trying not to set anything on fire," a WFP aide quipped.

During the evening, Moshovitis showed Biden how to make chickpea sliders with garbanzo beans, rice and arugula. According to Moshovitis, chickpeas are 22 percent protein and are grown easily, making them a more sustainable alternative to meat in developing countries.

"He's going to try to teach me,” Biden grinned. “I'm sure he'll achieve teaching the girls how to do this." Biden's wife, Kathleen, and two of their young children, Maisy and Finnegan, also attended the event.

"You girls want to help me?" Moshovitis asked, inviting the Biden daughters to step up to the grill.

Cava Mezze hosted the event to celebrate the launch of the WFP’s Back to School campaign, which raises money to provide school lunches for children worldwide. The Greek-inspired restaurant is giving 25 cents of each meal it sells from Sept. 1–16 to the program.

"The one thing that every kid needs in terms of returning to school is the knowledge that they're going to have the ability to learn and that means that they have to have a full belly that can feed their mind,” Biden said. “And that's what the school feeding program does. It's truly transforming entire societies.”

"Can you have them do the dishes at the end too?” Biden quipped of his daughters at the end of the evening, adding, “That's something that never happens at the house.”