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Donna Karan: ‘Washington is really scary’


Fashion designer Donna Karan calls what’s happening in the nation’s capital “really scary” and says she feels “overwhelmed” by the many issues facing Americans. 

In an interview for the fall fashion issue of Capitol File magazine, the famed women’s apparel guru says, “We are all — myself included — so overwhelmed with the issues we’re dealing with today. What’s happening in Washington is really scary.”

Alluding to fractured relations among lawmakers in Congress, Karan says, “You’ve got two forces fighting one another instead of saying, ‘We need to solve this problem.’ We’re so stuck in our own dimension that we’re not considering what’s the best end result.”

The style pro says that’s why she created the Urban Zen Foundation, an organization described on its website as working to “raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children.”

Karan, 65, also talked about outfitting then-first lady Hillary Clinton in a black gown for a 1993 Governors Ball at the White House. The frock, which was reportedly worth $1,300, featured the White House resident’s bare shoulders and was dubbed Clinton’s “cold shoulder” dress.

“It is the one place I guarantee that will never show a wrinkle, never gets fat. The shoulder is always your best asset. Everything else, you can cover up,” Karan told the mag. 

When asked in a recent interview if it’s ever valid to pay attention to her fashion choices, Clinton replied, “I mean, clearly people should meet an acceptable threshold of appropriateness! I think that for many women in the public eye, it just seems that the burden is so heavy.”

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