NBC News’s Chris Jansing: A Coldplay fan with a knack for baking wedding cakes


Chris Jansing has gone from a full house, growing up in Ohio, to the White House.

The TV journalist, named NBC News’s senior White House correspondent in May, is the youngest of a dozen children. Jansing says she dreamed of being just like her 11 siblings: “I wanted to do everything they did, from driving a car to playing football.”


Now that she’s all grown up, when not serving as a guest moderator for “Meet the Press” (as she did in August) or heading to Guatemala for an exclusive interview with Sen. Rand PaulRandal (Rand) Howard PaulA Senator Gary Johnson could be good not just for Libertarians, but for the Senate too Conservatives left frustrated as Congress passes big spending bills Senate approves 4B spending bill MORE (R-Ky.), Jansing is entertaining guests at dinner parties at her own home.

And there’s one thing that’s never missing from Jansing’s soirees. “There should always be a cheese course,” she says.

The former host of “Jansing & Co.” on MSNBC is also becoming an explorer of sorts. Since moving from New York to Washington over the summer for her new NBC role, Jansing has made a point to stroll the nation’s capital.

“I’m new to the city, so I walk home different ways to find new places,” she says.

We wanted to learn more about the 57-year-old reporting pro who got her start in local TV news, so we asked her to answer these questions:

Grew up in: Fairport Harbor, Ohio, on Lake Erie with a beach and a lighthouse and a whopping 4,000 mostly Finnish and Hungarian immigrant residents. The Hungarian Culture Club is the local hangout. I still have family there, and it will always be home to me.

College attended: Otterbein University outside of Columbus, Ohio. It was Otterbein College then, and Westerville was a dry town. The fraternities all had hidden kegs in the basement. I hope no administrators are reading this. I loved it.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A grown-up. I’m the youngest of 12 children and I wanted to do everything they did, from driving a car to playing football.

After work, you’ll find me: If I don’t have to be somewhere, I’ll be walking. I’m new to the city, so I walk home different ways to find new places and just generally marvel at the architecture.

Favorite/most hated food: I am tragically allergic to seafood, so I will pretend to hate it. I live for carbs. Pasta and bread is my perfect meal.

Favorite band: Depends on my mood. Nostalgic? Beatles. Rockin’? Bruce and E Street or Nirvana. Coldplay anytime. I recently switched phones and only have one song downloaded, so I’ve listened to “Fugitive Motel” by Cast of Thousands about a billion times.

I’m happiest when: I’m happy a lot. Anytime I’m with close family and friends. Doing breaking news. Traveling. Meeting interesting people and experiencing new things. And it makes me very happy to throw a great dinner party with fun people around the table that lasts for hours. There should always be a cheese course.

What you like/dislike about D.C.: It’s a stunningly gorgeous city that produces hideously bad hair days.

Best advice given: Don’t sweat the small stuff. It gets easier to follow as you get older.

If I had a theme song, it would be: “Born to Run.”

Something that few know about you: I bake wedding cakes. Family and extraordinarily close friends only — no requests please!