Scarlett Johansson urges Dems to vote
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Democrats are pulling out all the stops ahead of Tuesday's election, including using their Hollywood allies to boost turnout.


Actress Scarlett Johansson became the latest A-lister to pen an email to the Democratic National Committee's supporter list, urging Democrats who care about women's health issues to vote on Tuesday.

"If the Republicans take back the Senate, one of the first things they will try to dismantle will be a woman's right to make her own personal health care decisions," Johansson wrote on Sunday.

"This year, I have been appalled again and again by decisions from the GOP and even the Supreme Court that attack a woman's right to choose, and this is our chance to take action," she wrote.

Johansson, an early supporter of President Obama, is active in liberal politics. She is known for her work with Planned Parenthood's political arm and recently designed a t-shirt as a fundraiser for the group.