Jon Stewart is apologizing for cracking a joke about not heading to the polls, saying that he did, indeed, vote in the midterm elections.

The “Daily Show” host said he was “being flip” when he told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in a Tuesday interview that he didn’t cast a ballot because he “just moved” and didn’t know where his polling place was located.


“I did vote today. I did know where my booth is,” Stewart said at the top of a live midterm elections results-focused version of his show Tuesday night. “I was being flip and it kind of took off. And you know what, I want to apologize because I shouldn’t have been flip about that.”

The comedian continued, “I think I wasn’t clear enough that I was kidding and it sent a message that I didn’t think voting was important or that I didn’t think it was a big issue, and I do.”

Reiterating that he did vote, Stewart added to applause from his audience, “I was being flip and I shouldn’t have done that. That was stupid. So I apologize, and yeah, that’s all.”