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The Arizona Republican is returning to “Parks and Recreation” for the sitcom’s final season, and, should politics run its course, he might be willing to consider more acting in the future.  


“I think I have a fallback profession if the people of Arizona no longer desire my services,” McCain joked with reporters off the Senate floor on Tuesday.

McCain, who had a short cameo appearance on the show two years ago, will be back for this year’s seventh and last season, which premieres on Tuesday evening. Neither NBC nor McCain has said exactly when the episode featuring his cameo would air.

He was drawn back, he told reporters, because of his ties with the show's writer and star.

“Amy Poehler and I did skits together back years ago when I hosted ‘Saturday Night Live,’ so we developed a relationship then,” McCain said. “She’s a wonderful person.”

McCain hosted “SNL” during his 2008 campaign for president.

Poehler’s show, which focuses on a small-town Indiana politician and her crew of friends and colleagues, has been a frequent forum for politicians trying to highlight their lighter side and appeal to a large audience.

First lady Michelle Obama has previously appeared on the show, as has Vice President Biden, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.).