Count White House press secretary Josh Earnest as among those unimpressed by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's performance at a press conference Thursday.

“The one thing I can tell you is that for years, it's been clear that there is no risk that I was going to take Tom Brady's job as quarterback of the New England Patriots. But I can tell you that as of today, it's pretty clear that there's no risk of him taking my job either,” Earnest quipped.


Brady at a press conference on Thursday denied any wrongdoing in the brewing scandal over underinflated footballs that has led some to write that he should not be allowed to play in the Super Bowl.

Earnest sidestepped a question about whether he thought Brady or the Patriots should be punished over the scandal. 

“I understand that's something the NFL is considering right now, so we'll leave it to them,” he said.

An investigation by the league found that 11 of the 12 game balls used by the Patriots were inflated under the required levels, which many football players say makes throwing and catching easier. The league has not said how they think the balls were deflated.

The deflated footballs have led to a number of jokes in the media, and Earnest tried out some on the White House press corps.

“The thing that is clear, though, about Mr. Brady's job is that it does cause him to make snap decisions in very high-pressure situations,” Earnest said.

On one level, Earnest said he could relate to the three-time Super Bowl champion.

“He also is in a position where those decisions are regularly second-guessed,” Earnest said.