America Ferrera: Politics should be more diverse
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America Ferrera says politics could use a dose of diversity.

We caught up with the Golden Globe-winning “Ugly Betty” star in Washington recently at the 10th anniversary celebration of Voto Latino, a nonprofit that describes itself as a “nonpartisan organization that empowers Latino millennials.”


Ferrera opened up about the lack of different faces in the entertainment world, telling The Huffington Post, “It’s a creation of content issue. We need more in art and entertainment that is reflective of the world that we live in.”

When asked whether there’s also a lack of diversity in the political world, Ferrera told ITK, “I think it’s all a part of the same thing. I think there’s so many of us doing the same work, in entertainment, in business, in politics. It’s about creating opportunities and new platforms for diverse voices that haven’t had those platforms.”

Ferrera added, “And I think we can look at every sector of our society and say, ‘Yeah, we need more diversity.’ ”

Wilmer Valderrama, one of the stars of “That ’70s Show” and Voto Latino’s artist coalition co-chairman, said it’s a thrilling time to get involved.

“It’s exciting — 10 years ago we had a vision that we could all speak the language. That it didn’t have to be Spanish, that it didn’t have to be English, that it could be a human statement,” Valderrama said.

The politically active actor is pushing Congress to move on immigration reform, saying it’s the most important issue facing lawmakers right now. “There’s a community that’s been waiting to get their families back home. There’s a community that’s been waiting to be a part of the legal system and has contributed to each state millions and billions of dollars of the economy. So I think immigration reform should be at the top of the list,” Valderrama said.