George Clooney: 'Zero interest' in California governor bid
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George Clooney says he has “no interest” in running for governor of California.

Fox Business Network’s Cheryl Casone reports that the “Gravity” star told her he won’t throw his name in the running for the Golden State job in 2018, when Gov. Jerry Brown (D) will be unable to run due to term limits.


“He absolutely told me, in no uncertain terms, he has zero interest in running to be governor of California,” Casone said Wednesday.

“He was actually very real in telling me he believes he saw what happened with [former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)]. He believes that he’s been so involved in the political world — he’s been, of course, speaking in front of the Senate, he’s been involved in the United Nations. He thinks he can do more good by staying and doing what he’s doing now,” Casone, who spoke with Clooney at the Tuesday launch of his 100 Lives initiative in New York, said. The campaign helps recognize those who saved lives during the Armenian genocide, in an effort to help prevent human rights disasters in the future.

Clooney, a two-time Academy Award winner, has long been the center of speculation about a possible political bid. 

Although Clooney said he won’t be seeking the California gubernatorial nomination, Casone says that didn’t stop supporters from encouraging a run: “There are many billionaires, I should say, that want him to run, to get into politics somehow. I had four people last night tell me they want him to run for office.”