WHCD party honors diverse voices in media
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The sixth annual “Our Voices: Celebrating Diversity in Media” reception boasts a unique kind of crowd. Unlike other parties surrounding the White House Correspondents' Association dinner weekend, the gathering brings together friends, providing a sense of community, according to the Brunswick Group’s David Sutphen, who has been part of the event since it began.
The gathering has come a long way since its first year as a group of about 60 people at someone’s house. On Friday night, the packed rooftop of the Hay-Adams Hotel is bustling with chatter and laughter.
Along with Sutphen, host María Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino, an organization working to increase Latino participation in politics and voting, welcomed guests over chatter within the room and introduced Gina Rodriguez, star of the CW show “Jane the Virgin.”
Rodriguez, the evening’s honored guest, spoke to the assembled crowd about the importance of diversity and representation in media.
“The power of television, film, the power of social media, the power of marketing and publicity is so strong in educating our next generation,” Rodriguez said.
The Golden Globe winner, who has started her own production company, says that she will work to increase diverse representation in media.
“I will not wait for anybody to make that happen,” Rodriguez told The Hill. “I will make sure I can help that happen. I do not want to be the only one living in this arena.”
Rodriguez spoke of the importance of the Latino community working together to increase their representation in media. She urged all Latinos, regardless of their distinct culture and national origin, to band together to support television, movies and other media that represent their stories, so that more and more stories would be able to be told.
“We don’t want one, we don’t want this to be singular. We want us all to succeed,” Rodriguez said.
“I don’t want to divide and conquer, I want to unite and conquer,” she added and was met with cheers from the crowd.