“I wasn’t surprised at all [to learn of the book],” said former South Carolina state GOP Chairman Katon Dawson. “It’s a natural progression, knowing her and knowing how competent and smart she is.”
Jenny Sanford has never been published before, and the search is under way for a co-writer.

But Dawson stressed that Jenny Sanford will be the lead writer.

“Jenny will be involved every step of the way, and there won’t be a comma or a period she hasn’t personally read and approved.”

In addition to her marital troubles, the memoir will cover Sanford’s early life, her career as a Wall Street executive and her occasionally difficult transition into the role of Southern political spouse.
Insiders say the book will likely hit shelves before Gov. Sanford’s term expires late next year.

“This is all part of the rehabilitation process,” said a former campaign adviser. “Jenny is an unsung hero, and this book is a personal story of pain. It’s not a feminist statement. Frankly, I’ve never seen someone as loyal to her husband as Jenny has been to Mark, and this is what it’s left her with. It’s just a tragedy.”

The first lady and her four sons moved out of the governor’s mansion in late August, and insiders say the Sanfords’ marriage is effectively over. Facing the possibility of life as a single parent with four children enrolled in private schools, the income from a major book deal could be very appealing to Jenny Sanford.

Ballantine declined to reveal what it paid for the rights to the memoir, but following the commercial success earlier this year of another betrayed political spouse’s memoir, Elizabeth Edwards’s Resilience, a multimillion-dollar contract would not be out of the question.
A spokesman for Gov. Sanford declined to comment.