(A Durbin spokesman confirms that his boss chose his game wisely: The Chicago Cubs beat the Nats 6-2 on the day he attended.)

A visit from the Boston Red Sox provided a big boon. Not only did the Nationals record huge attendance during the three-game series, but Reps. Michael Capuano, Richard Neal, Stephen Lynch and Niki Tsongas — all Massachusetts Democrats — each held a fundraiser during the series.
(Capuano needs the money the most — he’s running to replace the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.)

All told, campaigns and political action committees have spent more than $200,000 on tickets to Nationals games, according to Federal Election Commission data.

That number could double before the season is over: Reports showing ticket purchases extend only to the end of June for lawmakers’ campaigns. When new reports come in after the close of the third quarter, at the end of September, the Nationals may prove to have reaped hundreds of thousands more in campaign bucks.