Rep. Susan Davis serves donors homemade omelets

Rep. Susan Davis (D-Calif.) didn't have far to walk to attend her Wednesday morning fundraising breakfast: the meal was prepared in her own kitchen, and featured made-to-order omelets. According to her spokesman, the congresswoman "enjoys entertaining, decorating and cooking, [and] the omelet event is a personal low-key event she created as a fresh alternative to ... DC fundraisers."

The invitation described the hour-long event as a home-cooked-to-order omelet party, and tickets started at $500 for individuals. The spokesman also told ITK that,"Congresswoman Davis [didn't] get to eat much during the event but she certainly enjoys any omelet that is full of veggies."

Asked about her morning routine on non-omelet-party days, Davis reportedly "usually starts her morning early with a brisk walk with friends, but hardly describes herself as a morning person."