A glazed doughnut shut down David Alexrod’s blackberry shortly after Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses, according to a new book.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe recalls he and Alexrod were sitting in the motorcade having the “standard road show campaign breakfast – coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts.”

That’s when the doughnut attacked.

“I got glazed doughnut in the trackwheel of my blackberry and it’s stuck. I can’t get the thing to work,” Alexrod said, according to Plouffe’s book “The Audacity to Win.”

Plouffe notes Axelrod was “legendary within the campaign for spilling food and mishaps with electronic gadgets.” But it had to be the first “death by glazed doughnut.”

And that isn’t the only Axelrod mishap Plouffe’s recalls in his analysis of Obama’s winning 2008 presidential campaign.

Plouffe notes after he and Axelrod met with Joe Biden about vice presidency, Biden was driving them back to the airport when Alexrod realized he left his computer bag at Biden’s sister’s house, where the men had met.

Gaffs aside, Plouffe’s tome is an in-depth look at the 2008 campaign and the strategies the Obama team used to win.

But there is the occasional funny story, including one involving then-presidential candidate New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

Plouffe writes that Obama and the campaign team were in South Carolina before the first Democratic primary debate, looking for their hotel.

Instead the motorcade came upon Richardson, “in what appeared to be an approximation of exercise,” shuffling his way “along the motel sidewalk in a velour sweat suit, trailed by what must have been a couple of very large New Mexico state troopers.” The governor looked “a bit like Tony Soprano.”

And Plouffe also reveals that even celebrities were subject to polling before they got to campaign with Obama.

He notes before the campaign sent Oprah Winfrey out on the stump they tested her “thoroughly” and found “her numbers among noncore caucus-goers and primary voters in the early states were even higher than among the general population.”

And then there’s the “famously profane” Rahm Emanuel, who originally turned down the chief of staff job.

Plouffe recalls talking to Emanuel about the job, signing off by saying: “Enjoy your afternoon, Mr. Chief of Staff.”

Emanuel’s reply: “F--- you.”

Plouffe notes, for Emanuel “it was like saying ‘see ya.’”