First Dog Bo Obama gets his his own blog

Here's one for the "it doesn't get much better than this" category: Bo Obama, President Barack Obama's one year old Portugese water dog, has a new blog,

The blog is written as though seen through Bo's eyes, and appears to be the product of someone either inside or close to the White House, but it's not a .gov website and it sells Bo Obama merchandise. Bo calls President Obama Master, and he gets very excited about the prospect of interesting smells, pies, and unexpected visitors.

In Monday's post, Bo weighs in on the state dinner crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, offering his own slightly goofy but endearing take on the security breach:

"It wasn't the greatest weekend, and that's because of all the commotion that those reality-show star wannabes caused when they crashed last week's state dinner. But all anyone really wanted to know was whether Master was in any danger. Really, he wasn't, but then the news media got a hold of a picture with that Salahi lady shaking Master's hand, and that's got everyone riled up. So in my opinion, yes he was in danger, and the Secret Service really blew it. . I could have sniffed those intruders out in a minute, believe me. I can smell a world-class loser a mile away."

“I don’t get as much respect as I should,” says Bo, in an email about the new blog, “but I know the Obamas love me a lot. My Master has really taken to me. Each day in my blog I hope to document all the fascinating activities in the White House. Arf!”

Good Boy Bo is updated Monday through Friday.  Should readers feel compelled to email a dog, Bo Obama can be reached at

TK received a call from the person who is "helping Bo Obama type" his blog, but he declined to give his name. He did say, however, that he is not a White House employee, but that his facts are accurate because "Bo tells me what to type."

The "typist" also said that he's surprised by the number of hits to the site so far, which number in the thousands.
"It's incredible, and Bo is very happy about it."