Next generation of vending machine arrives at the Capitol

Technology has changed how we communicate, watch television and travel the globe. This week, Capitol Hill staffers will be able to enjoy how technology has upgraded their afternoon Snickers bar experience.

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) is planning to debut a "digi-touch" vending machine for congressional officials in the Cannon Caucus Room on Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon.
The digi-touch looks and acts like the Apple iPad, and while the touch-screen vending technology debuted several months ago it has yet to make its way into businesses across the county.
After making an initial selection on the giant screen, users can read the nutritional information of the selected goodies before making their purchase. (And perhaps feel guilty enough to choose something more nutritious than a candy bar.)
Final selections twirl around on the screen before dropping down to the bottom like a normal vending machine. Does this guarantee that your snack of choice won’t get stuck in the machine? Not exactly, but hey, it’s an upgrade (although not quite as futuristic as the ipad tower pictured here)
A NAMA spokesman told ITK that the company that makes the digi-touch would be thrilled if the machines were installed on Capitol Hill. In the meantime, they’re content just to give lawmakers and staffers a chance to interact with the next wave of snacking technology.