Capitol Hill staffer stars in 'Date Lab'

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett’s (R-Md.) legislative aide, Annie Baker, had a big date recently — and hundreds of thousands of people heard all about it.

The staffer was featured last weekend in The Washington Post Magazine’s “Date Lab” blind-date feature, and it’s made her a semi-celebrity on the fourth floor of the Rayburn building.

“My friends and I were a little bored over recess, so when someone sent the application to me, I thought, ‘Why not?’ ” said a cheerful Baker during a phone interview with ITK on Monday.

Less than a month later, Baker was set up on a date with Stephen Richer, director of outreach at the Washington Legal Foundation. The pair hit it off, and they’ve seen each other once since the date, despite their “really busy schedules.”

But the big surprise was the Post’s promotional campaign. “They put out a TV commercial on Friday morning,” said Baker, “and my friend Dave sent it to just about everyone we know.” One person who doesn’t know yet is Bartlett, but Baker said, “He’d probably laugh.

“After all, you’re only young once, right?”