This is bound to happen when you send the same, slightly modified press release to several dozen districts. But it probably doesn't play well locally.

The NRCC apprently sent a release to Virginia Beach suggesting that New Mexicans, rather than Virginians, have had quite about enough of freshman Rep. Glenn Nye (D-Va.).

It's not yet clear what Nye has done to offend voters in the Southwest.

From the Hampton Roads Daily Press:

This just in, from the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Will Glenn Nye Vote for a Budget that Spends Too Much,

Taxes Too Much, and Borrows Too Much?

After Last Year’s Monstrosity, Obama Administration Asks Democrats to Back Even More Debt and Bigger Deficits

Washington- If New Mexico taxpayers thought they had seen the worst of Glenn Nye's fiscal recklessness, today’s White House budget proposal makes it clear that the worst could be yet to come....