Tea Party slogans celebrated in new coffee table book

The slogans and signs of the conservative Tea Party movement are the subject of a new coffee table book, which will be released Friday with a jazzy launch event at the Conservative Political Action Conference's annual meeting.

"Grandma's Not Shovel-Ready! Signs from 9/12 and the Tea Parties of 2009" is a compilation of the wittiest and most compelling tea party protest signs of the past year's events, especially the Sept. 12 march on Washington, known within the Tea Party movement as 9/12; all assembled and edited by the conservative organization Let Freedom Ring (LFR).

Co-founder Colin Hanna told ITK that he and some colleagues had been inspired by a small photography book of church signs from across the country with clever sayings on them.

"We were all amazed at the scope of the signage on 9/12, but many of the protesters only got to see the signs near them on the National Mall. We wanted to compile the best of all of them for everyone to see."

The subject matter on the pages runs the political gamut from healthcare to taxes to energy policy, but they're all staunchly conservative, and many are sharply critical of the Obama administration.

At the time of the protests some signs were widely criticized for their apparently racist or graphic content, but Hanna said that despite the attention paid to a few "fringey" signs, they comprised only a small percentage of the total banners, and they were not included in the book.

"I took a couple out that I thought were intemperate," he said, "but really, this was a family event, much more about patriots standing up for themselves than anti-anything."

Hanna's favorites? Besides the title quote, he likes one that reads "Born Free. Taxed to death," and another with an image of the Democratic party donkey, and the phrase "Marxism is the opiate of the asses" written above it.

The assembly of the book took several months, he said. "And we did our best to source every photo back to the original photographer," but in some cases that was impossible. "So if you see a photo that you took in our book, let us know, and we'll be happy to attribute it to you, and we welcome corrections." 

The 64-page hardcover book is available for $10.00 at Let Freedom Ring's website. Below are some images from the book.