Cohen defends 'miserable' city of Memphis

Rep. Steve Cohen's (D-Tenn.) district seat of Memphis was recently ranked third in a Forbes Magazine list of the most miserable cities in America. But he's not going to take it lying down.

Cohen took to the House floor Wednesday to sing the praises of the city he called the birthplace of rock and roll, lauding its barbecue, sunsets, entrepreneurs, and hospitals.

A blues music buff, Cohen also cited native sons Elvis Presley Sam Phillips, Willie Mitchell, Isaac Hayes, David Porter, the band Stax, and the Soulville neighborhood.

Luckily, there's an upside to this 'miserable' ranking; Last year, Memphis was ranked even worse, the second most miserable city in America. The dubious honor this year went to Rep. Dennis Cardoza's (D-Calif.) home turf of Stockton, Calif.; Cleveland, Ohio took the top spot.