The woman who supplied call girls to former New York governor Eliot Spitzer (D) is running for governor herself.

Kristin Davis, who ran a high-end prostitution ring in New York City until 2008, will announce her candidacy for the governorship on March 1, according to a statement sent to reporters.

Davis (shown here in a publicity photo) will run as an independent candidate, and her platform will include the legalization of marijuana and prostitution, as well as her support for gay marriage, which is not legal in New York state. 

Davis served four months in prison in 2008 for her involvement in the escort service, which she said was the most successful call girl ring ever, with annual revenues of over $5 million.

During the course of the government's investigation of Davis's prostitution ring, it was discovered that Spitzer was a client. Spitzer resigned immediately following the revelation, citing "private failings."

Most recently, Davis also discussed running for New York State comptroller, and the comptroller's seal is still up on her private website. Her 2009 book, "The Manhattan Madam: Sex, Drugs, Scandal and Greed Inside Americas Most Successful Prostitution Ring" is for sale on