Palin vs. Romney: Late night TV wars

It’s Mitt Romney versus Sarah Palin in the battle of the late night talk show wars.
CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman” has booked the former Massachusetts governor for Tuesday night’s program – the same night Palin will appear on NBC’s “Tonight Show.”

The breakdown isn't surprising, Palin and Letterman were involved in a public feud last year over off-color jokes Letterman made on his show involving Palin's teenage daughters, which Palin called "despicable" and "perverted." Latterman apologized for the comments, but don't expect to see the former Alaska governor on Letterman's couch anytime soon.

The competition for guests and ratings between the late night gab fests are legendary. Jay Leno consistently beat David Letterman in the ratings when he hosted NBC’s show, but Letterman took the ratings lead with NBC went with Conan O’Brien.
NBC executives are hoping for a ratings boost with Leno’s return. Palin is appearing on Leno’s second show since returning to the host’s chair. The controversial the former governor of Alaska has many fans in the conservative movement.
And Romney and Palin may be in a competition of their own -- for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Neither has announced but neither has ruled it out either.
Romney’s appearance is part of his book tour for his tome “No Apology,” which will be out March 2nd. Romney is also scheduled to appear on ABC’s “The View” Tuesday morning.