Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson believes that it is impossible to live without sex. Well, not really. But he did say it.

During an appearance last week on Sean Hannity's Fox News show, Carlson joked that "study after study" has shown that "you can't survive without sex."

Carlson was commenting on Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons' (R) recent claim that he hasn't had sex in 15 years. Gibbons, who is married, reportedly made the assertion in response to allegations by a cocktail waitress that the governor groped her in a Las Vegas parking lot.

In his deposition, Gibbons said he hasn't had sex with anyone since 1995, adding that he's "living proof that you can survive without sex for that long."

The panel of Fox panel experts didn't believe Gibbons, especially Carlson.

The pundit, who recently founded The Daily Caller, said, "You can't survive without sex for that long. You die."

He added, tongue-in-cheek, that if Gibbons is telling the truth, he shouldn't be running the state.

Juan Williams of National Public Radio laughed while saying Carlson's scientific claims are not true.

Hannity suggested he enjoyed asking Williams, the oldest member of the panel, about the Gibbons sex scandal, noting that he had taken Williams out of his "comfort zone."