Tea party candidate poses for photos with high-profile Dems

A conservative House candidate who gave an impassioned speech at the national Tea Party convention is happy posing for pictures with prominent Democrats and liberal activists, including President Jimmy Carter and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Angela McGlowan, a conservative author who is running for the GOP nomination in Mississippi's 1st District, is shown arm-in-arm with President Carter, posing with Rev. Al Sharpton, and smiling in a shot with Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr (D-Ill.). The photos belong to Ms. McGlowan, but they were included in press and publicity materials handed out to journalists, as well as appearing on a website of McGlowan's.

In a separate photo with Jackson Jr.'s father, McGlowan appears to be making a point (maybe she's trying to steer him toward the political right?)

McGlowan, who is also a Fox News analyst and a former Miss District of Columbia, entered the primary race on Feb. 8, and has thus far positioned herself as politically to the right of the other two candidates, state Sen. Alan Nunnelee and former Europa, Miss. mayor Henry Ross. The three are vying for the chance to challenge Democratic Rep. Travis Childers in the GOP-leaning district.

The photos won't win McGlowan any friends among the party's establishment, which is reportedly already frustrated with McGlowan's recent refusal to commit to backing Nunelee in the general election if he defeats her in the June primary.

McGlowan's campaign manager, Anne Marie Turner, told ITK that, "The political silly season has definitely arrived when Angela's opponents try to pass off old photos of her with various people as "news."

The National Republican Congressional Committee is backing Nunelee, the frontrunner.

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