Dana Perino to write book about civility

Former White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told ITK she is planning to write a book about civility in confrontational situations, something she knows a thing or two about after serving in the press office of the George W. Bush administration for more than seven years.

Perino was the guest of honor at an event Thursday night for The Next Step, a women's political mentoring organization, where she explained that "dignified conflict resolution" is a skill that can be practiced anywhere, by anyone, from the grocery story checkout line to the White House.

Perino is known for her sense of decorum and humor at the White House podium, during what she acknowledges were turbulent times for the country. 

She also told the assembled crowd of young, politically active women that she was inspired by a number of the women in the Bush White House, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, senior adviser Karen Hughes, and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chow.

Perino alsoa said she remains in regular contact with her former boss, President George W. Bush, whom she consulted recently before doing a joint appearance in Houston with his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush.  "[President Bush] said I should remind the crowd that he has his daddy's eyes, but his momma's mouth," she joked.