The star of this year's Academy Award-winner for "Best Picture" would like to meet Vice President Joe Biden. His reason? The veep looks "kind of punchy."

Jeremy Renner, who plays a military bomb squad leader in the six-time Oscar-winning flick "The Hurt Locker" revealed his admiration for Biden to ITK last summer during screening of the film for veterans and military families.

"If I were to meet a politician, I would love to meet Joe Biden ... He reminds me of my father [and] of my godfather — he's affable and kind of punchy, and I think it would be a really fun meeting."

Renner said he's not a big fan of politics, but that's "probably because I don't understand them."

Asked why he chose Biden over President Barack Obama, the young actor responded, "I might have better luck at meeting Joe Biden than President Obama."

That might have been true last summer.  But now, with the year's most acclaimed film under his belt, Renner's got a lot more than luck going for him.

The vice president's office declined to say whether Biden might consider inviting the cast of "The Hurt Locker" for a visit, but a spokesman said they were "happy about the win."