Vice President Joe Biden has a soft spot for one of his GOP predecessors, former Vice President Dan Quayle, but it's not because of a unique shared experience. It's because of a swimming pool.

Biden joked with reporters before a luncheon for visiting dignitaries on Monday that he won't say a bad thing about Dan Quayle because Quayle installed the swimming pool at the Naval Observatory behind the vice presidential mansion.

Unfortunately for Quayle, others have not been so generous. The former veep was the butt of jokes about everything from his spelling of "potatoe" to his understanding of the passage of time, "I have made good judgments in the future" he once said.

But Biden, who has had his share of foot-in-mouth disease, is keeping the Quayle legacy alive at the Naval Observatory.

"Gentlemen," he said to the visiting world leaders at his house for lunch, "I want to show you the Dan Quayle swimming pool".

Arriving guests were ushered through the house and out to the terrace before lunch, where Biden joked that they were all, "coming in the front door and [going] out the back to play golf."