Miss America's advice on how to pose for party photos

Miss America Caressa Cameron, who is no stranger to posed photographs, has some advice for those who’ll be posing for pictures at all the events surrounding the May 1 White House Correspondents' Association dinner.
“Stand angled,” the Fredericksburg, Va., native said, “as opposed to straight on. If you stand straight on the camera makes you look wide.”
Then she offered a demonstration: position yourself side-ways to the photographer,  shift your pelvis up and twist your upper torso toward the camera. “Create an ‘S’ with your body,” she said. Pictured here, Cameron even managed to look glamorous in a t-shirt and shorts at Nationals Stadium recently, further proof that she really knows what she's talking about.
Cameron was in Washington to visit wounded soldiers at Walter Reed hospital and to attend some USO events. But she took some time out of her busy schedule – she travels almost 365 days a year and will visit all 50 states by the end of her reign -- to have lunch with journalists Monday at Café Milano.
And she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to posing for photos. This is a girl who carries a tiara with her everywhere she goes. It comes in a wooden box, complete with hairpins and a compact, so she’s always camera-ready.
It sounds sweet. But not as sweet as the chocolate cake the staff at Café Milano made for her: it was in the shape of Miss America – crown and all.