After not putting up a Twitter post for about three weeks, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) on Tuesday promised his followers he would do it more often.

The freshman lawmaker has put up 13 tweets Tuesday as part of the "GOP Twitter challenge," which is a contest among Republicans to see who can sign up the most Twitter followers. Schock already has over 3,300.

He even retweeted homage to his bosses in the House for being frequent tweeters:

I'm working on it RT @yrnf Everyone please follow @repaaronschock encourage him to tweet more often like @GOPLeader @RepMikePence

Boehner has over 24,000 followers and Pence has over 10,000.

Schock's efforts were transparent, many of his tweets were directed at other users. 

Even though Schock's tweeting hasn't been frequent, he had one of the all-time great congressional tweets in January, making a joke about Tiger Woods' car crash.