Sen. Scott Brown's (R-Mass.) daughter got one step closer to that game of basketball she's wanted with President Barack Obama.

Ayla Brown, the daughter of the freshman GOP senator and a CBS News special correspondent, took on Craig Robinson, the president's brother-in-law, for a segment Thursday morning on the "Early Show."

Brown (pictured here at right) and Robinson, the older brother of First Lady Michelle Obama, talked about his and the first lady's upbringing in Chicago, and the court on which Robinson, a former player for Princeton who now coaches Oregon State's team, first played the future president.

Sen. Brown has been angling for a game with his daughter, herself a former cager for the Boston College Eagles, and the president since having been elected in January. There's no word as to when that might go down.

If it does, though, Robinson had some advice for Ayla.

"You probably have him on the age, so you're going to have a little more stamina," Robinson said. "If he sticks with jump shots, I think you beat him. If he takes you down low, I think he beats you."

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