Former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford isn’t buying Rielle Hunter’s excuse that John Edwards’ marriage was already over when she began her affair with him in 2006.

Appearing as a guest co-host on ABC's “The View” on Thursday, Sanford said there is no excuse for getting involved with a married man.
Hunter is “not 18,” said Sanford. “[She] knew what [she was] doing.”

Hunter has repeatedly claimed that she bears no responsibility for the break-up of John and Elizabeth Edwards' marriage, despite having had a two-year affair with the then-married Edwards, which produced a child. She has said the marriage was emotionally over long before she met Edwards.

Hunter will be a guest Thursday afternoon on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Adultery is a topic Jenny Sanford knows plenty about.
Sanford’s husband, Gov. Mark Sanford (R), admitted to a long-running extramarital affair in June of 2009, after he was caught returning from a covert visit to Argentina to visit his mistress.
The ensuing scandal threatened to force Sanford from office. After numerous attempts at reconciliation, the Sanfords’ divorce was finalized in March of this year.

On a lighter note, Jenny Sanford (pictured here with co-host Barbara Walters) wasn't shy about telling her fellow View hosts about her new boyfriend, Georgia businessman Clay Boardman
“I've been divorced six weeks and I'm already dating someone!” Sanford gushed. “He's the neighbor I never knew, and between us we've got seven kids.”
Sanford has four teenaged sons, while Boardman has three children.