As oil from a spill spread in the Gulf of Mexico and the Times Square terror investigation continued apace, the Senate took time out on Tuesday for some very important business: car appreciation.

It's official: The passage of Senate Resolution 513 designates July 9 as Collector Car Appreciation Day.

On the Senate floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) voice dripped with contempt as he ordered the presiding officer to read the resolution, filled with lines about the importance of automobiles and how they "have provided the inspiration for music, photography, cinema, fashion."

The resolution "encourages the people of the United States to engage in events and commemorations" in honor of classic cars.

Reid waited until the end of the reading to let it rip. "We've had a big day in the Senate ... and we have been able to accomplish almost nothing - not quite but almost nothing. I love old cars, and I am glad we are able to pass this important legislation: Collector Car Appreciation Day," he said sarcastically.

Not surprisingly, Reid blamed GOP obstructionism on issues like Wall Street reform for why the Senate was spending time passing bills about old cars. He also managed to get in a jab at lobbyists in their "Gucci shoes and new suits and a lot of new ties."