A photo released Thursday of Vice President Joe Biden in his home office offers a few entertaining insights.

Biden called the general manager of an Indiana company that shipped its first electric vehicle, construction of which was financed with stimulus dollars, from his home in Wilmington, Del.

The wood-paneled home office featured some interesting tidbits, though.

In the foreground of a photo released by the White House is a coffee mug featuring a donkey, symbolizing the Democratic Party.

And in a White House that has been closely observed for its use of technology, Biden has what appears to be a Hewlett-Packard laptop open to a news site, with a number of family photos surrounding it.

President Barack Obama made waves for insisting on holding on to his BlackBerry after taking office, though it had to be specially formatted for security purposes. Some presidential observers have wondered for some time whether Obama, too, uses a PC, or if he's a fan of Macs.