Ellen Page slams ‘homophobic’ Cruz, Huckabee
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“To me, it seems like they’re homophobic people,” she said in an interview with the Daily Beast published Saturday.
The “Juno” and “Whip It” actress also said she got the best of Cruz when she confronted him about gay rights at the Iowa State Fair last month.
“I’ve seen multiple videos and read multiple quotes of Ted Cruz discussing gay issues, as well as Mike Huckabee, and it goes exactly as you’d expect,” Page said in the interview. 
“They don’t answer the question. They say you’re cutting them off when you try to ask the same question again because you’re not answering it, because the reality is that they might be homophobic.”
Page compared Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who was imprisoned for refusing to issue marriage licenses to couples following the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage, to segregationist former Alabama Gov. George Wallace.
“The same religious liberty arguments have been used to discriminate with regards to gender and race,” she said. “It’s not new. That being said, has religion been used for propelling beautiful movements? Of course. But this is not new, and it’s destructive, and it’s sad.”
Cruz and Huckabee have both come out in support of Davis and were both in attendance at a rally after the embattled public servant was released from jail this week.
Page is currently working with Vice on documentary about gay communities around the world.
The actress stars in “Freeheld,” set to be released in October and based on the 2007 documentary of the same name, about a lesbian couple fighting for civil rights.