Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood joined President Barack Obama for a round of golf  on Sunday at Andrews Air Force Base.

The foursome also included two of Obama's regular golfing buddies: Marvin Nicholson, who is the White House Trip Director, and photographer David Katz.

Temperatures peaked in the low 90s on Sunday afternoon, but that didn't stop the golfers, who arrived before noon and left Andrews Air Force Base after 4 p.m. as it started to rain.

This isn't LaHood's first time on the links with the president. According to a spokeswoman, the two have played together on "a few different occasions" since last year. No word on who has the lower handicap.

Obama has invited other senior administration officials to play with him in the past, too, including chief domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes. He's also hit the greens with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman.